The DFSA’s regulatory approach is to be risk-based and to avoid unnecessary regulatory burden.

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OANDA Middle East Corporation Ltd

Firm Details | Individuals

Legal Status:DIFC Company
DFSA Reference Number:F001071
Address:Unit 404, Level 4, Liberty House, DIFC, PO Box 506815, Dubai, UAE
Telephone Number:971 4 325 8320
Fax Number: 
Date of Licence:02 September 2009
Financial Services:Advising on Financial Products or Credit
Investments:Futures, Options, Structured Products
Financial Services:Arranging Credit or Deals in Investments
Investments:Futures, Options, Structured Products
Restrictions: "OANDA Middle East Corporation Ltd. (""OMEC"") must ensure when undertaking business with or carrying on a Financial Service for or on behalf of: (a) a white label partner of: (i) OMEC; or (ii) any Associate of OMEC; or (b) a Client who: (i) is also a client/customer of any Person in (a); or (ii) has been referred to OMEC by any Person in (a) that the white label partner or Associate of OMEC, as the case may be, is regulated by one or more of the following: (c) a Zone 1 Financial Services Regulator; (d) the DFSA;
(e) the Central Bank of the UAE; or (f) the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority."
Islamic Financial Business Endorsement: 
Date of Withdrawal:23 July 2012

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