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The responsibility of the DFSA in relation to the database

This database is maintained by the DFSA pursuant to Art. 40 of the DIFC Markets Law 2012. The database compiles information disclosed by Reporting Entities to the market. It also contains Prospectuses issued under the Markets Law.

The DFSA assumes no liability for the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the information provided in any market disclosure made by a Reporting Entity, for the contents of any document(s) attached to a market disclosure or for the contents of any Prospectus.


Regulatory Announcement Services

Approval of Regulatory Announcement Services (RAS)

Under the Rule 9.8.3 of the Markets Rules module of the DFSA Rulebook, Reporting Entities are required to disclose to the Market information through a DFSA approved Regulatory Announcement Service.

Further to Markets Rule 4.7.1 (c) the DFSA may approve any Regulatory Announcement Service . To safeguard the quality and integrity of the dissemination process the DFSA has defined criteria published on the DFSA website that should be complied with by Regulatory Announcement Services at the time of application, and any time thereafter. Only upon successfully meeting those criteria and obtaining approval by the DFSA will a RAS be included on the DFSA website.

Please find the RAS criteria here.

Please find DFSA approved RAS here.

Entities that wish to be included on the DFSA website are invited to submit an application addressing the criteria for Regulatory Announcement Services to: