The DFSA issues alerts about scams and other potentially fraudulent practices that may harm investors and damage the reputation of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The alerts are intended to inform and educate investors so that they may take action to protect themselves.

The DFSA maintains a list of all alerts it has issued and the list can be found here.

Only firms authorised and licensed by the DFSA can provide financial services in or from the DIFC. If you have concerns about a firm or individual purporting to provide financial or ancillary services in or from the DIFC you should:

  • search the DFSA’s Public Register to determine the regulatory status of the firm or individual.  You can find the DFSA’s public register here;
  • search the DIFC’s Public Register to determine whether the firm is registered in the DIFC. You can find the DIFC public register here; and
  • not deal with or invest any money with the firm or individual until you have verified they are authentic and are properly authorised and licensed by the DFSA to provide financial services in or from the DIFC.

If you have been contacted by a firm or individual that purports to be authorised or licensed by the DFSA, or registered by the DIFC Registrar of Companies but, in fact, it is not, you should cease to deal with them and make a complaint to the DFSA by completing the online Complaints Form.

For more information about how to avoid being scammed please click here.

The alerts list categorises alerts according to their type and clarifies regulatory issues that are of public interest.  


A firm or an associated individual which, based on information received by the DFSA, may have been wrongly perceived to be licensed or authorised by the DFSA.


A firm or individual (not licensed or authorised by the DFSA) who:

  • impersonates, or claims to be approved by, a second firm (who is licensed or authorised by the DFSA); and
  • claims to be authorised by the DFSA.

Names in this category will be followed with the word “(Clone)”.  If your name appears on this list without the word “(Clone)” and you think you have been the victim of cloning, please contact the DFSA.

Regulator or Authority impersonation

A firm or individual has impersonated or acted as a regulator, such as the DFSA or a DFSA-related individual (e.g. employee or board member), or another DIFC authority or their related individuals.


The DFSA is clarifying some public information it has become aware of, for example, clarifying the regulatory status of a firm, or the subject of a published enforcement outcome or court judgment.

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