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28 Apr 2013, 12:04 pm | Regulator or Authority Impersonation

False DFSA Documents used to Promote Fraudulent Scam

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) issues the following alert about a scam perpetrated by persons claiming to represent a company called “Al Yousuf Investment Group UAE”. The DFSA believes that the perpetrators of the scam are misusing the name of a legitimate business in the UAE. The perpetrators of such scams often copy the names and websites of legitimate businesses.The perpetrators of the scam:• Claim that Al Yousuf Investment Group UAE is a real estate firm and approach potential victims to invest in a real estate investment opportunity;• Falsely inform victims that Al Yousuf Investment Group UAE is incorporated by the DFSA; and• Provide victims with a false “Certificate of Incorporation” that purports to be issued by the DFSA.An example of the false “Certificate of Incorporation” can be viewed here.The DFSA does not issue such certificates.The scam referred to above is a fraud.  The DFSA strongly advises that you do not respond to representations of this type.The DFSA has recently issued warnings and guidance about the common types of scams perpetrated on consumers. For more information on these scams, please go to:HowToAvoidBeingScammedIf you have any concerns about the authenticity of any DIFC or DFSA correspondence or documents, you should direct your concerns to the DIFC on Tel: +971 4 362 2222 and to the DFSA via the DFSA Complaints function on www.dfsa.ae or via telephone on +971 4 362 1576.

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