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23 Mar 2011, 12:03 pm

DFSA Launches Web Pages on “How To Avoid Being Scammed”

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) launches, today, on its website information on “How To Avoid Being Scammed.” The aim of this initiative is to further inform members of the public on common scams being perpetrated on the financial services community. The DFSA’s Head of Enforcement, Mr Stephen Glynn said: “We are launching the web pages, today, in both English and Arabic in response to the growing number of investors being targeted by scammers who are increasingly using electronic facilities to market their illegal schemes.” “There seem to be new scams created everyday and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated.” Mr Glynn said. “Public awareness and education are the most effective means of eradicating this menace."

The DFSA regularly publishes Alerts on its website about the most recent scams affecting the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and investors. The Alerts, together with the “How To Avoid Being Scammed” web pages, will give investors more information about scams and how best to avoid them.

If investors have queries or concerns about any product offered to them then they should consult a financial advisor from a reputable and licenced financial services provider or their financial services regulator before making any investment.

The DFSA has an electronic portal through which members of the public can make complaints. The DFSA will respond to all complaints within 24 hours. The link to the “complaints portal” can be found at:

A link to the “How To Avoid Being Scammed” web page in English may be found at:

A link to the “How To Avoid Being Scammed” web page in Arabic may be found at:

A link to the DFSA’s Alerts may be found at: Alerts

For further information please contact the DFSA


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