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16 Jan 2017, 02:01 am

DFSA Publishes Findings of Trade Finance Review in DIFC

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) published a Trade Finance Report detailing key findings of a review of trade finance activities carried out in and from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The review assessed the quality of systems and controls, in particular measures to mitigate trade-based money laundering risks, at banks and other financial service providers in the DIFC.

The report notes that trade finance has grown in the DIFC over recent years. While the report shows that in general trade finance is conducted satisfactorily, it highlights several improvement opportunities surrounding trade finance risks. The report also contains a list of recommended best practices that firms engaged in trade finance activities are encouraged to implement. In particular the report notes the importance of guarding against financial crime.

Mr Ian Johnston, Chief Executive of the DFSA said: “There is an increased focus globally, on trade-based money laundering risks from international groups such the Financial Action Task Force, and financial service regulators. Our review and the published report are further testament to the DFSA’s commitment to maintaining the highest international standards in the DIFC. Given the importance of trade to this region, regulators need to effectively oversee and supervise trade finance without hindering actual trade. We urge firms to benefit from all international guidance issued in that regard.”

Mr Johnston added: “The DFSA continues to work toward enhancing the quality of systems and controls of regulated firms in the DIFC. Where we detect weaknesses or failures, we will rectify them through supervisory or enforcement actions."

Click on the Trade Finance Report to access the report on the DFSA’s website.

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