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18 Oct 2023, 09:41 am

Empowering cyber resilience with the DFSA’s Threat Intelligence Platform, report unveiled during GITEX GLOBAL 2023

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) today announced that its Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) has achieved a significant milestone with over 6.2 million compromise indicators issued to users since its inception in 2020. As the first regulator-led cyber threat intelligence platform in the Middle East region, the TIP has played a critical role in safeguarding and enhancing the cybersecurity landscape within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

To mark the platform's third anniversary, and in light of GITEX GLOBAL, the world’s largest tech event, the DFSA has released its first report on its TIP titled Launching a Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Community in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Through this report, the DFSA aims to encourage and foster the exchange of structured cyber threat information within the DIFC community, further strengthening its cybersecurity framework.

Launched in collaboration with the Dubai Electronic Security Center, the United Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team, the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg, and Help AG, the TIP is hosted and funded by the DFSA to improve the cyber resilience of organisations in the DIFC. It aligns with the objectives of the UAE National Cybersecurity Strategy and the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy that strive to position Dubai and the UAE as global leaders in innovation, safety and security.

Participation in the platform is voluntary and free of charge for firms based in the DIFC. As of July 2023, more than 250 firms and international sharing communities have joined the platform, an increase of 53% since 2020. The physical platform’s infrastructure is located in the DFSA premises, in the DIFC, and utilises the open-source Malware Information Sharing Platform.

Waleed Al Awadhi, Chief Operating Officer of the DFSA, said, “Our goal with the TIP is to improve the cyber resilience of the DIFC and the financial sector in Dubai and the UAE. By exchanging knowledge and experience within a trusted community, we continue to innovate and improve our preparedness to tackle potential cyber threats. The DFSA has taken on the responsibility and costs of the platform to benefit all participating entities. While this is an unusual move for a financial regulatory body, we believe it is necessary to lead in encouraging entities of various sizes and capabilities to join and participate to support the safe and sound operation of the entire financial system.”

“By publishing this first report of our series”, he adds, “we extend our invitation to both existing participants and those who are not yet part of the TIP community to join us and work together to increase cyber resilience in the DIFC, Dubai and the UAE.”

To read the full report, please click here.

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