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About TRL Programme

About TRL Programme

TRL Programme Overview

The Dubai Financial Services Authority launched its prestigious Tomorrow’s Regulatory Leaders (TRL) Programme in 2006, having recognised the opportunity to make an important contribution towards the UAE’s Emiratisation initiative.  The DFSA is investing in developing young UAE Nationals to become leaders in the financial sector, specifically in the area of financial regulation.

The TRL Programme is a unique blend of formal training and work experience.  It aims to deliver sustainable and enduring benefits to UAE Nationals, by equipping them for long-term career advancement and future leadership in Regulation. The Programme aims to develop competence and confidence; and encourage a belief that hard work will contribute to the growth of Financial Services in the UAE.

The TRL Programme is committed to giving suitably qualified and motivated, new UAE National graduates the best possible chance to make a career in regulation and, over time, to become leaders in this area.  To learn more about the role of TRL Associate click here.


TRL Programme Mission and Structure

The aim of the TRL Programme is to develop regulatory skill sets in UAE Nationals leading to:

  • Sustainable employment opportunities in regulation within the DFSA and the wider region; and
  • A reduction in the future dependence of the DFSA on expatriate hirings within a framework that ensures the continued credibility and reputation of the DFSA as a world-class regulator.

Operating to world-class standards, the DFSA is proud to be a part of the continuing development of the UAE and the Middle East region.

The TRL Programme features a structured individual and intensive technical and practical training over a two-year period, followed by long term employment opportunities. This includes:

  • On-job coaching during rotations by experienced DFSA professionals. The assigned personal coaches are responsible for helping individuals gain the practical knowledge and skills needed to succeed;
  • Specific and demanding professional technical and leadership training inputs from experienced DFSA professionals and specialist trainers;
  • Mentoring by the Manager, Learning and Development;
  • Completion of industry specific qualifications.

Watch TRL Programme Video below to find out about a personal experience on the TRL Programme.

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TRL Programme video

Authorised Training Employer
Ahmed Al Noman
Omar Badri
Sara Galadari

Effective 29 January 2014, the DFSA has been authorised as an “ACA Training Employer” by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). ACA is ICAEW’s Chartered Accountant qualification and will provide our TRL graduates and other employees a combination of technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience.

“I am a Senior Manager in the Supervision Division, my position in the DFSA enabled me to gain extensive experience and exposure to the international financial services industry. Working for the DFSA is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Every day is a new challenge, not a routine job!.”

“Working at the DFSA has been a great learning experience for me, while also being an enjoyable place to work. Being on the regulation side of the business gives you great exposure across the financial services industry, as we have Firms from many different financial sectors operating in the DIFC.”

“Working at the DFSA has broadened my exposure to regulation, corporate governance and risk assessments. The TRL Programme prepared me for my current role in managing my own portfolio of Firms ranging across asset managers, fund administrators, brokerage Firms and banks. It has been and continues to be a learning experience for me. We are expected to continuously train and further enhance our knowledge base even after the TRL Programme, which is something I value greatly.”


Recruitment and DFSA Requirements

Recruitment and DFSA Requirements

Every two years, the DFSA recruits a number of top UAE National graduates for entry into its prestigious TRL Programme, starting in September. Our aim is to recruit, develop and manage high performing graduate talent.

Individuals will have an excellent range of developmental and training opportunities so as to enhance their career.

Upon completion of the TRL Programme, individuals will have:

  • Developed and applied a breadth of technical skills and knowledge covering all aspects of DFSA duties.
  • Developed their people management skills.
  • Gained valuable experience in an internationally focused, competitive environment and
  • Gained industry specific qualifications.

The DFSA requires successful graduates to possess:

  • Education to University level (Bachelor’s degree) in any discipline.
  • Background knowledge of or interest in Finance and Markets Regulation.
  • A very high standard of spoken and written English – this is essential as the work involves reading, writing and speaking English on highly technical matters.
  • An acceptable standard of numeracy.
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to commit to the TRL Programme requirements.

Graduates should possess excellent research skills showing good powers of analysis and attention to detail, yet at the same time they must be practical and creative in solving complex problems. Most importantly, graduates should want to contribute to the long-term development of the UAE’s financial services sector. They should be self-motivated, learning and work focused, and highly achievement oriented.

TRL Internship Programme

TRL Internship Programme

DFSA invites internships throughout the year. ​As an intern, you will join the DFSA for an eight-week period in the year of your graduation. You will have the opportunity to work alongside professional regulators as well as participate in training with our TRL Associates.You will also be provided with a personal coach and will be mentored by the Senior Manager, Learning and Development. We are now recruiting for our 2020 interns.

To apply to the TRL Internship Programme please click here.

Internships are also available through our BAWABATY Summer Training Programme please click here.

Summer Training Programme

Summer Training Programme

Bawabaty aims to raise awareness of financial services regulation in the UAE National community. As part of this community initiative the launch of the Summer Training Programme in 2015 will allow undergraduates to have the experience of working in the DFSA.

The DFSA would like to support UAE National youth employability through the provision of internships to gain work experience and skills in four of our operational areas.

Please click on the four Departments below to read details of each internship (job description).

Corporate Affairs
Finance & Administration
Human Resources
Information Technology

For Graduate and other Internship opportunities click here.

For other career opportunities available at the DFSA click here.

Bawabaty aims to improve the employability of young UAE Nationals.

In 2019, Ms. Sheikha Al Mheri (from Zayed University) and Ali Al Rais (from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia) joined the Summer Training Programme. The two students received on-the-job training from the DFSA’s Finance and Supervision Departments.

In 2018, Ms. Shahed Al Gergawi (from Zayed University) joined the Summer Training Programme. Shahed received on-the-job training from the DFSA’s Corporate Affairs Department.

Summer 2017 saw Ms. Shamma Al Marzooqi (HCT Dubai Women’s College) and Ms. Hamda Al Zarouni (Paris Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi) join the Summer Training Programme. The two students received on-the-job training from the DFSA's Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Departments.

Summer 2015 saw Ms. Afra Majid Mohamed Al-Khazraji (from Zayed University) and Ms. Shaikha Khaled Abdulla Ahmed Alreyaysa  (from Higher Colleges of Technology, Sharjah Women’s College) join the Summer Training Programme. The two students received on-the-job training from the DFSA's Finance and Corporate Affairs Departments.

Summer 2015 saw Ms. Noora Gargash (from Zayed University), Mr. Sultan Qabeel (from the Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Men's College) and Ms. Ghaya Abdelaziz Al Midfa join the Summer Training Programme. The three students received on-the-job training from the DFSA's Finance, Information Technology and Corporate Affairs Departments.


Who may apply for the Tomorrow’s Regulatory Leaders (TRL) Programme?

Applications are sought from UAE Nationals who have recently graduated or are about to graduate. You will be required to demonstrate that you meet all our requirements.

What formal training will I receive?

A curriculum, covering over 30 topics in disciplines related to regulation, leadership, accounting and law forms the basis of the training in the first year of the TRL Programme. In the second year, Associates will be sponsored to complete industry qualifications such as Risk in Financial Services and Islamic Finance from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (UK).

Can I undertake further study?

Yes, we encourage you to undertake relevant further academic or professional qualifications.

What kind of working culture does the DFSA have? 

The DFSA offers a good work-life balance. A working day is 9 hours (either 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm at the discretion of your Manager), including an hour for lunch - Sunday to Thursday. At certain times, however, you will be expected to work longer hours in order to meet organisational needs.

What level of commitment is required?

A successful applicant must demonstrate a commitment to complete the full two-year Programme, which will be challenging and rewarding. Your continued participation will be subject to satisfactory performance, to be evaluated through processes of continuous review and through case studies and professional qualifications.

What happens after the TRL Programme?
Once you are successful on the TRL Programme, the DFSA will develop you to the next step on the career ladder. With hard work and opportunity you can establish your career in the DFSA.

Can I take my masters and then enrol in the TRL Programme?

Master Associates are welcome to apply. DFSA also supports UAE Nationals to achieve their post graduate education.


What will the DFSA be expecting in my application?

Your academic achievements are not our only interest, as we have identified other requirements that are equally important; such as communication, leadership, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, analytical thinking, adaptability, flexibility and maturity.

Is there any development available after I complete the TRL Programme?
Yes, the DFSA has a number of mechanisms through which it encourages the professional growth of UAE Nationals including the Senior Manager Development Review and the Taqadum Programme.


How much will I earn?

Graduates who joined the DFSA in 2018 received a total remuneration of AED 21,000 per month plus 30 days annual leave and pension benefits.


When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 6 April 2020.