Who may apply for the Tomorrow’s Regulatory Leaders (TRL) Programme?

Applications are sought from UAE Nationals who have recently graduated or are about to graduate. You will be required to demonstrate that you meet all our requirements.

What formal training will I receive?

A curriculum, covering over 30 topics in disciplines related to regulation, leadership, accounting and law forms the basis of the training in the first year of the TRL Programme. In the second year, Associates will be sponsored to complete industry qualifications such as Risk in Financial Services and Islamic Finance from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (UK).

Can I undertake further study?

Yes, we encourage you to undertake relevant further academic or professional qualifications.

What kind of working culture does the DFSA have?

The DFSA offers a good work-life balance. A working day is nine hours (either 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm at the discretion of your Manager), including an hour for lunch - Monday to Friday. At certain times, however, you will be expected to work longer hours in order to meet organisational needs.

What level of commitment is required?

A successful applicant must demonstrate a commitment to complete the full two-year Programme, which will be challenging and rewarding. Your continued participation will be subject to satisfactory performance, to be evaluated through processes of continuous review and through case studies and professional qualifications.

What happens after the TRL Programme?

Once you are successful on the TRL Programme, the DFSA will develop you to the next step on the career ladder. With hard work and opportunity you can establish your career in the DFSA.

Can I take my masters and then enrol in the TRL Programme?

Master Associates are welcome to apply. DFSA also supports UAE Nationals to achieve their post graduate education.

What will the DFSA be expecting in my application?

Your academic achievements are not our only interest, as we have identified other requirements that are equally important; such as communication, leadership, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, analytical thinking, adaptability, flexibility and maturity.

Is there any development available after I complete the TRL Programme?

Yes, the DFSA has a number of mechanisms through which it encourages the professional growth of UAE Nationals including the Senior Manager Development Review and the Taqadum Programme.

How much will I earn?

Total Remuneration for graduates joining the DFSA in 2022 is AED 21666 per month including travel allowance.  Graduates are entitled for 30 days annual leave and pension benefits.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications isTuesday, 17th May 2022.

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